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Giving The Gift of Better IAQ

breeze blowing in through open window

‘Tis the season for giving, and that shouldn’t stop with your home. Though you might be budgeting and purchasing gifts for those you love, we have a few simple ways you can gift your home and those who live in it, better indoor air quality.

The truth is, your indoor air quality is often worse than the outdoor air. Because of this, you could find yourself coughing, sneezing, or just constantly feeling like your about to get a cold. Luckily, cleaner air quality is more comfortable than you realize. Here’s how a few things you can do to help:

Stop Spray Air Freshener

Lemon fresh might be the scent you associate with clean, but many of these products contain harsh chemicals that significantly decrease your air quality. Instead, opt for a natural alternative, or try baking soda or a few houseplants to help clean the air.

Let in Some Fresh Air

The winter can leave you bundled indoors with the windows and doors shut tight. The air can then become stagnant, and your air quality will suffer. Opening a window hear, and there will increase circulation and improve your air quality.

Change Your Filters

A dirty air filter or neglected air ducts could lead to dust and allergens being forced around your home with might. To make sure you're always blocking and stopping dust and dander and other allergy based things from blowing around your home, keep up with regular air filter changes.

Consider Ditching the Ducts

If you are looking to remodel or have the budget for an upgraded heating system, nows the time to consider switching from forced air to radiant heating. By no longer heating your home with forced air, you can cut down on the amount of dust and dander collecting and being pushed through your ducts, ultimately improving the quality of your breath.

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