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Holiday Tips to Host the Perfect Party

Family at Christmas dinner

The holiday hosting season is here. Whether you are having a pre-holiday celebration with your closest friends or planning to host for out of town family, the first thing you’ll want to consider is keeping everyone in your home comfortable and cozy the whole night long. Here are some easy hacks to do just that:

Lower the Temp a Bit

Though you don’t want to freeze your friends and family, it can quickly become hot and stuffy when the oven is going and the laughter is flowing. To avoid keeping your guests sweating through dinner, lower your thermostat a few degrees before the company arrives. If you do notice that the temperature begins to rise, open a window or two in the occupied room to get some fresh air in and the heat out.

Ditch Doing The Dishes

How many times have you hosted a party and found yourself running ragged the whole time? Ever have a family member tell you “to sit down and stop cleaning the dishes?” Well, this year you should. Though your china might be lovely, several disposal products are elegant and durable enough to fit your holiday aesthetic. By making the switch to disposable, you can trash the plates and enjoy some company instead of scrubbing cups and forks.

Stock The Bathroom With Care

Clean towels and some extra toilet paper are a great way to ensure your guests can be comfortable in your home. The last thing you want is your guest calling from the bathroom for some toilet paper, so stocking a few rolls under the sink or in your linen closet can ensure that there is no need. Now is also an excellent time to wash your guest bedroom sheets and linens too — especially if they’ve been sitting on the shelf since last year.

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