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How to Pick The How to Pick The Perfect Shower Head For Your Home
How to Pick The How to Pick The Perfect Shower Head For Your Home

When it comes to picking out the perfect shower head fixture, the options can seem endless. To make the most of your remodel, and choose the best fixture for you, you'll need to be educated on what these options are. So here's what you should know: What Style Do You Want? Do ...

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  • Why Hot Showers are Bad For You and Your Home

    Many people love hot showers. However, it is not good to take hot showers. Here are three ways a hot shower can be doing damage to you and your home: ...

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  • Cleaning Your Toilet Like a Pro

    Cleaning your bathroom's toilet is often an unpleasant chore, but it is necessary for proper hygiene inside your home. Not only that, a dirty toilet ...

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  • Prime Spots to Find Mold in Your Home

    Mold growth can wreak havoc on your home and health. Poor insulation and leaky pipes often are the main cause of mold growth in certain areas around a ...

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  • The Difference Between Hard and Soft Water

    You might know the terms hard and soft water, but do you truly know what the means? We’re here to help. What is Hard Water? Hard water is water that ...

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  • 3 Reasons You Should Get Your Drains Serviced Today

    Taking care of your drains is not a do-it-yourself job. Here are three reasons to get your drains serviced. 1. Prevent the Drain from Clogging Again A ...

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  • Three Common Plumbing Problems

    There is nothing like the dreaded 'glub glub' of a kitchen sink. That moment when you realize the water isn't draining; it's just sitting there. We at ...

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  • Why You Should Winterize Your Plumbing Now

    Let's face it: the last thing you need during the holidays is to deal with a huge plumbing emergency and flood! As the weather begins to drop and the ...

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  • Shower Hacks for Spotless Shower Doors

    Nothing makes a bathroom look cleaner than shower doors that are clean and tidy. However, regularly using your shower can make keeping these doors ...

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  • Why Water Treatments Can Benefit Your Entire Home

    One of the most commonly ignored things in the home is your water quality. Without knowing the signs, you could be wasting money, harming your health, ...

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