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How to Have an Efficiently Cool Summer

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Efficient Ways to Stay Cool During the Summertime

Ah, air conditioning — where would we be without it? Like most homeowners, there’s a chance you’re relying on your central cooling system to keep you and your loved ones as comfortable as can be more often than usual. While that’s all fine and dandy, putting your central air conditioner into overdrive may cause a spike in your energy bills.

In a conscious effort to beat the heat as efficiently as possible this summer, here are some ways you can give the hardest working appliance in your home some TLC.

Stay on Top of Changing Your Air Filters

Contrary to popular belief, it’s important to change your central air conditioner’s filter regularly — about every 30 to 60 days, to be exact. Doing so will help your home’s central cooling system run much more efficiently, giving it the “break” that it desperately needs.

Unfortunately, many homeowners might think that just because their air conditioner seems to be functioning without a hitch doesn’t mean that it’s not hurting. Air filters defend your unit from unwanted airborne particles. If the filter weren’t present, these particles would diminish the functionality of your unit, as well as bog down your indoor air quality.

Additionally, a dirty air filter can make it harder for your unit to “breathe” and complete its job efficiently. As a result, you may notice steeper energy bills, as well as calling in for more frequent repairs and maintenance.

Make the Switch to a Programmable Thermostat

When was the last time you considered upgrading your home’s thermostat? For most homeowners, that’s usually not a thought — but it should be since many benefits are to reap with a new, efficient model!

On the market, there are programmable thermostats; these wonderful devices allow you to create a custom comfort schedule — meaning you won’t be wasting energy and cooling an empty home anymore.

Additionally, depending on the model, many programmable thermostats will be able to alert you if they come across anything suspicious — such as a broken or loose part in your system.

Go Ductless for Rooms Without Ductwork

Whether you have a room in your home that’s a new addition or wasn’t able to support the structural integrity of ductwork, there’s a chance that you may be relying on the help of a window-based air conditioning unit. While there’s nothing wrong with that, you may want to reconsider your cooling options and upgrade to a ductless unit!

Unlike a window-based air conditioner, a ductless unit will provide the power of a central cooling system without taking up space in your window panes. Additionally, as the name implies, this cooling device doesn’t need ductwork to function — it relies on a condenser (outdoors) and an evaporator (indoors); depending on the model, you can have up to 4 evaporators installed on one condenser.

If Something Seems Strange, Call Your HVAC Technician

Central air conditioning systems can often be saved from despair when an HVAC technician is called in the nick of time. However, many homeowners might put off lingering repairs with their central cooling system and continue to use them anyway. While this might seem harmless, it can be quite dangerous.

For starters, if your air conditioner is making a strange noise out of the blue, this can indicate that there may be a loose or broken part within the unit’s condenser. And if that’s not handled promptly, not only will it cause your system to work much harder than it has to, but it may even damage it beyond the brink of repair — resulting in no other option than to have it replaced.

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