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3 Rules About Portable Heaters Everyone Should Know

portable heater

Cold, snowy nights can leave many homeowners looking for ways to stay warm. Whether you bundle up in layers or add another heat source, the result is the same. However, when it comes to adding a portable heater into your home, there are a few safety risks you should always keep in mind. When used without care, a portable heater can be a dangerous fire hazard. Here are three things to remember when using a portable heater:

1. Always Check The Wire Before Use

Like any appliance, you still want to ensure the wiring isn’t frayed, torn, or worn. If you see any spots that looked damaged, discontinue use. When plugging the heater in, the wire should fit snug in the outlet. If it doesn’t, it could be a sign of an electrical issue, and you’ll want to consider an alternative heating source.

2. Always Keep Space Around The Unit

Space heaters should never be used as dryers or holders for other things, especially when turned on. A space heater should be placed 3 feet away from anything flammable, so make sure all drapes, blinds, blankets or other materials are far enough away from your heater.

3. Always Keep It Leveled

When choosing a location for your space heater, make sure its a level one. Placing it on a table, chair, or anything unstable can increase the chance of it falling over and starting a fire. Always be sure you unplug your heater when you’re done using it, too.

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