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Is It Time to Check Your Air Quality?

man and woman wearing particle masks

Your indoor air quality is something you don’t want to mess around with, and quite often it’s something that gets neglected. In fact, did you know your indoor air quality can often be worse than the outdoor air quality?

Though it’s not something you often think about — there are many subtle signs that you could be dealing with that could indicate, it’s time for an air quality check:

New Symptoms

Do you feel like you have a cold you just can’t quit? Are headaches and fatigue all a sudden a daily occurrence — these can both be brought on by poor air conditions and aren’t the only health signs you should look out for. Dizziness, nausea and respiratory issues can all be brought on by air pollution, and if it seems to be a family affair, you’ll want to get your air quality checked.

A Bad Smell

If you are constantly noticing a not so fresh smell everytime you step in the front door, such as must — it could be due to improper ventilation. It can be quite easy to get used to your homes smell, but if everytime you come home or step inside, you notice a distinct smell — poor ventilation is probably to blame.

Extra Dust

If you just can’t keep up with the dusting, and you feel like it’s a constant battle to keep your house clean, it might be time to check your air quality. A dirty air filter can lead to increased dust in your home — and without having anywhere to go, it can then begin to blow around leading to an increase in dust.

Humidity in The Home

A humid home can lead to a number of issues, from mold to mildew — an excessive moisture problem is not something you want to ignore. If you are starting to see wet spots on your walls, or fogging or condensation on your windows, it’s time to get your air quality checked.

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