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5 Efficient Ways to Use Your Appliances This Summer

man looking in empty refrigerator

The dreaded summer energy bill can be one that most are scared to open. With the increased home foot traffic and AC usage, it can seem like your bill has nearly doubled! But luckily, there are some little tips and tricks to help avoid that. By being a bit more energy conscience, you can begin to save energy around your home making that monthly bill more welcoming than fearful.

So how do you get started? Well with using your appliances smarter not harder, of course! Here are 5 ways to start doing just that:

1. Keep Them Full

Handwashing dishes is a big water waster, and with most dishwasher, unnecessary. When it comes to water waste — most machines will use the same amount whether full or half empty, so be sure to only turn on your machine when completely full!

2. Wash Clothes With Warm Water

We know it can be natural to assume washing with hot water is the cleanest way, but you are using double the energy to do the job. There are many cold water detergents now that can ensure clean clothes while helping your machine be energy efficient, too! Just like your dishwasher, full loads are best.

3. Keep The Fridge Door Closed

How many times have you sat in front of the fridge pondering for hours what you’ll eat for dinner? Well instead of coming up with a dinner plan, you are actually just wasting cold air and energy, making your fridge work twice as hard to keep your food cold. To keep the cold air in, try taking out everything you need at once and only going in when you know what you need. The few added seconds can definitely make a difference!

4. Utilize Ceiling Fans

Your AC and ceiling fans can go hand-in-hand, and when used right — you can have an evenly cooled and comfortable home. If you have high ceilings or a large home, utilize your ceiling fans to help circulate the cold air, this will ensure your whole house can be evenly cooled without causing your HVAC machine any extra stress.

5. Adjust Your Temperature

There is no need to be cooling off an empty home — and with a digital thermostat, adjusting your temperature is easier than ever. By raising your thermostat a few degrees when you're away, it can keep your AC from wasting energy, and save you money on your electrical bill. Don’t worry; it won’t take that long for it to get back to the cool and comfortable setting you are used to.

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