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Tips For A Humidity Free Home

clothes on clothesline

Ahh, that dreaded summer humidity is starting to creep its way on in again. Some days it’s enough to make you stay indoors enjoying the blaring AC. But what do you do when that humidity begins to lurk its way into your home?

We have five habits you can take up this summer to ensure your home humidity level is right where it should be!

1. Keep Doors Open. One way to ensure your home isn’t overly humid is by keeping doors in each room open. This will help circulate the air in the house, so you can avoid one room from getting hot and muggier than the rest.

2. Utilize Fans. Whether it’s your ceiling fans or your exhaust fans — now is the time to use them! If you are showering or cooking, be sure your exhaust fan is on and leave it on for at least ten to fifteen minutes after.

3. Keep Pots Covered. Though now is the perfect time to move your cooking outdoors, covering all pots and pans can ensure you're not adding the extra moisture in the room. Your stove and oven can give off a lot of heat — so cook midday when you can.

4. Take Shorter Showers. Always noticing a foggy mirror? Is your shower curtain continually getting covered with mold? Does your bathroom become a steam bath before you even step into the shower? You could be adding to the humidity problem.

Pro Tip: Switching to more cooling shorter showers, can not only be beneficial for your bathroom but for your skin and hair too. Added moisture can cause a whole slew of mold and mildew problems, so try for cool quick showers, and remember — always use the exhaust fan!

5. Do Fewer Loads of Laundry. Take advantage of the sunshine and try drying your clothes outdoors! It will not only stop the extra heat from your dryer; it will save you energy, too. When you do decide to do a load or two of laundry, be sure the machine is always full and try doing them back to back. Your dryer will already be warmed up, saving energy and dryer your clothes more efficiently.

Humidity can do a number on your home! If you are looking to get your excess moisture problem under control, our professionals can help! Contact Tri-City Heating and Cooling at 203.303.5700!