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Here's Why You're Always Cold at Work

shivering woman

The spring weather can be unpredictable lately and for many women across America — so is office temperature. As you go from the warm and comfortable outdoors, it can often feel like your entering a giant freezer, and no matter how you prepare, you spend the day shivering and unable to work. So why is it that your office is always just too cold to concentrate?

There’s Some Math Behind It

No, this is not in your mind and is based on an ancient and outdated formula. A formula that dates back to the 1960’s — in a time where workplaces were dominated by men of often average weight in their mid 40’s. This formula was created to make a comfortable environment for them, but now, in 2018 they only make up half the office workforce. Thanks to this old temperature range, women have to spend their office day fighting the AC office freeze.

Office Attire is to Blame

Beyond the fact that temperature comes from decades ago, our office attire plays another part. In many office buildings, male employees are required to wear suits. Layering themselves each day in a long sleeve shirt, tie, and jacket. For women that is not the case. Though a suit jacket might be part of your daily wardrobe, the summer style often can lead to more skirts and dresses, leaving for the office chill to be even more common!

It Could Be Harming Your Work

That’s right, an office that is just too cold can lower productivity. Yes, you can bundle up each day — but in reality, women have a lower metabolic rate making it harder to burn off energy. Besides — by increasing the temperature by a few degrees your office can see better savings and better overall work morale!

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