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Oil to Gas Conversion Rebates

Upgrading Your Heating System is Now More Attractive

With dropping temperatures and rising fuel costs, heating a home during the winter months can be very expensive. If your home is not well insulated or your heating system is outdated, it may be time to invest in a new, energy-efficient natural gas furnace. To encourage the residents of Connecticut to convert their heating systems from oil to the more energy-efficient gas systems, rebates from $100 to $750 are currently available. Designed to make heating more affordable, the rebate in oil to gas conversion makes updating to a new system more attractive.

Is oil to gas conversion affordable?

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Oil to Gas Costs

Available Financing Options

Depending on the system you chose to have installed, the oil to natural gas rebate in Connecticut can range anywhere from $100 to $750. There are also financing programs available to help homeowners with reasonable repayment plans. If purchasing a new furnace or heating system has been out of reach financially, there are now several incentives designed to make it more affordable. With low financing rates and lower utility bills, you can keep your family warmer during the winter months.

How to Qualify for Rebates or Financing

There are a few qualifications for the oil to gas conversion rebates and financing in Connecticut program, such as:

  • A licensed contractor must install the qualifying high energy system.
  • The higher the Energy Star rate of efficiency, generally the higher the rebate.
  • You must also be on one of the following five utilities: CL&P, UI, CNG, SCG or Yankee Gas.

If you live in Connecticut and do not use one of the utilities listed, look at your utilities website for information about programs that may be available to you. Once you have spoken with a licensed contractor and have decided on the right system for your home, the rebate will be instantly applied to the purchase price of the furnace. Because of the reduced price of the system, you may be able to invest in a furnace that was previously affordable.

Helpful Tips to Reduce Energy Costs

You can do several things to lower your utility bills. You can add better insulation, seal air leaks, and turn down the thermostat a few degrees. One of the most significant ways to save on your heating bill is to have a newer, more energy-efficient furnace installed in your home.

For more helpful tips or if you need assistance to qualify for natural gas rebates in Connecticut, contact us today at (203) 303-5700. Free estimates available.

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