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Quick Tips on How to Prepare Your Home for Spring

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How Can I Prepare My Home for Spring?

When you live in the northeast, there’s a chance you’re counting down the day until spring. If that’s the case, luckily, the big day happens to be on Saturday! From gradually warmer weather to seeing some fresh blooms (instead of an abundance of snow), there are many things to look forward to when spring starts to blossom!

However, before throwing your socially-distanced spring celebration, there are a few things you should consider doing to make sure your home is spring-ready; here’s what we suggest.

Schedule AC Maintenance

It’s that time of the year again where you’ll need to schedule your annual spring air conditioning tune-up! And although you won’t need to rely on the cold gusts of air from your unit anytime soon, the earlier you schedule your maintenance appointment, the better off you’ll be once the first warm day arrives!

Another perk about scheduling your air conditioning tune-up is that if your HVAC technician runs into a problem that may interfere with your system’s performance, they’ll be able to address it early on — and not on an overwhelmingly hot summer day.

Consider an Air Purification System

When those fresh spring flowers begin to bloom, so do seasonal allergies — which are anything but pretty. To help ease your sinuses when you step inside, consider having a professional air purification system installed in your home.

Simple to set up, this device will be placed inside your existing central HVAC system and will help filter the air much more finely — meaning the chance of having watery eyes or "the sniffles" will be much less likely when you’re indoors.

Be Mindful of What You Clean With

While on the topic of indoor air quality, it’s essential to be aware of the contaminants inside the cleaning products you’re using. From alkalies to spritz solvents, many potent ingredients will make your home sparkle and shine but also hinder your indoor air quality over time — as well as your respiratory health (if you tend to use them in poorly ventilated areas).

To help start your spring cleaning on a positive note, consider switching to green cleaning agents or natural, DIY alternatives. Not only will you notice a difference in your air quality, but you’ll feel much more at ease when cleaning your home!

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