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Do I Really Need to Replace My HVAC Filter?

A close up of a clean HVAC air filter

Why Do I Need to Change My Air Filter?

One of the most asked questions in the world of HVAC (among homeowners) is whether or not an air filter needs to be replaced. To cut to the chase, yes, you should replace your unit’s filter regularly. However, some homeowners would rather keep their old air filter in place; here’s why that’s a problem.

Your Unit Can Breakdown

To keep your HVAC unit in tip-top shape, it’s essential to not only schedule annual maintenance appointments with a trusted professional but to replace your air filter every three months for optimal performance. Failure to do so could lead your unit to its demise.

Simply put, your air filter blocks airborne contaminants from migrating into your air ducts and from being dispersed throughout your humble abode. When an air filter is clogged but is still in use, it will make it much harder for your unit to be able to produce a steady stream of air — causing it to go into overdrive to meet your desired comfort level. And when this happens, it could begin to breakdown and ultimately lead to a shorter lifespan.

It Can Cause an Uptick in Indoor Allergies

Do you suffer from seasonal allergies? If so, you know that they’re anything but pleasant. And if you fail to replace your air filter when needed, there’s a chance you’ll be introducing indoor allergies into your life. As mentioned earlier, a filter helps keep airborne allergens from entering your air ducts.

When your filter is bogged down with a hearty amount of airborne contaminants, it will fail to do its job and leave room for new allergens to settle in your home and travel throughout your unit. This could lead to an uptick indoor allergies and higher amounts of dust and dander — something that no homeowner wants to encounter.

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