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Home Air Freshener Alternatives

An amber bottle of essential oil laying down in a wooden bowl

Natural Ways to Make Your Home Smell Amazing

Sometimes, your home’s scent might not be particularly pleasant. Whether last night’s dinner is still lingering in the air or your pet is overdue for a bath, the possibilities are endless. And while it’s convenient to pick up an aerosol can of a chemically-crafted scent, it’s not ideal (it’s packed with volatile organic compounds and harmful substances to inhale).

To help spruce up your home’s scent in a natural way, here are some excellent DIY air fresheners to take into consideration!

Coffee Grounds

Do you love the smell of a fresh pot of coffee? If so, you’re not alone — so consider making your home smell like a luxurious coffee shop all day long! No, you won’t have to brew endless amounts of coffee, but rather take leftover coffee grounds, place them in a bowl and let them sit out. You’d be amazed at how well this little trick works!

Essential Oil Diffuser

Are you looking to take things up a notch? Consider purchasing an essential oil diffuser for your home! This little gadget uses essential oil-infused water and turns it into a gentle mist — which helps carry that lovely aroma throughout your space! The best part about using an essential oil diffuser? You can use scents such as lavender or lemon and know that they’re the real deal — not a chemically-crafted concoction!


Believe it or not, potpourri is still alive and well — it would make an excellent addition to your home! Whether you purchase some at your local home goods store or create your own, potpourri has the power to transform a bland space into one that smells as sweet as can be! And just like essential oils, potpourri is worry-free — just make sure to keep it out of reach of little ones or pets!

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