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Bad Odors in Your Home Explained

Mold growing in the corner of a window inside of a home

Why Does My Home Smell Bad?

More often than not, there are times when you may have unexplained odors in your home. And while you might think they can be covered up by opening the windows or using an essential oil diffuser, there’s a chance those quick solutions won’t even make a scent-based dent.

If you’re looking to get to the bottom of those gnarly odors in your home, here are a few possibilities of what they could be and where the problem might be stemming from.


Does your kitchen smell as if there’s raw sewage present? If so, there’s a chance that this issue is plumbing-related. As it turns out, if there’s a clog in a vent pipe or your sewer line has a fracture, you’re prone to smell that not-so-pleasant odor.

Another reason why that putrid smell could be lingering is that there might be a P-trap in your home that is dried out and needs to be moistened (when there is no water in the trap, sewer gasses can rise to the surface).


As it’s known, this common household pest thrives in dark, moist areas — and if you can smell its presence in your home, without being able to pinpoint the exact location, you could have a problem on your hands.

Areas prone to excessive humidity and moisture, such as the basement, are breeding grounds for mold. If you’re unable to target the precise dwelling of this “pest,” you’ll need to have a team of mold remediation specialists come to your home, scout out the source of the issue, and remove the “monster” from your living space.

Dirty Socks

Does your home smell like a musty, old gym bag that hasn’t been laundered in years? If so, there’s a chance that there is bacteria buildup on your heating system’s coils. This tends to happen in the springtime and autumn since your central HVAC system will be alternating between hot and cold air.

During this time, condensation present on the coils creates bacteria, and, eventually, the smell drifts through your home. To have this odor banished from your humble abode, it’s imperative to have a professional come to your living space and clean your HVAC system’s coils, as well as the air ducts.

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