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5 Cleaning Mistakes Most Homeowners Make

A homeowner wiping down their living room coffee table with a paper towel

The Most Common Home-Cleaning Mistakes You’re Making

One of the not-so-fun perks of being a homeowner is cleaning your living space every week. While the reason behind this goes without saying, there is a chance you might be wiping down the windows or spraying furnishings incorrectly — yes, there’s a right and a wrong way to clean.

If you’re looking to make your humble abode sparkle and shine while cleaning in the most efficient way possible, here’s how to make that happen!

1. Try Not to Clean the Windows on a Sunny Day

Believe it or not, one of the worst times you can wash your windows is when the sun is at its brightest. As it turns out, the heat of the sun’s rays will evaporate the glass cleaner you’re using. To help avoid this, consider keeping this task for cooler, cloudy days.

2. Avoid Mixing Cleaning Products

Whatever you do, never mix cleaning products — especially ammonia and bleach. If you happen to combine the two (even if other cleaning agents have traces of each element in them), it can form a noxious gas, which can be extremely harmful.

However, if you mix these two cleaning products by accident, quickly exit your home, stand a safe distance away from it, and call 911 immediately.

3. Don’t Mop Wooden Floors with Water

A common misconception is that it’s safe to mop a hardwood floor with water. It’s something you should never do — since it can ruin the surface (and that would be a pretty costly mistake to make). Instead, sweep the floor — and if you must clean it with something more aggressive, wipe spills with a minimally damp cloth.

4. Remember to Let Your Toilet Brush Dry

It’s easier said than done, but when you’re scrubbing your “throne” with a toilet brush, make sure to give the bristles some “breathing room” — letting them dry before putting the wand back in the holder.

This is important because placing the brush back in its home, while damp, could breed bacteria. So, to let the cleaning tool dry correctly, let it rest on the seat (having a bathroom trash can underneath the bristles that are hanging over the side of the bowl) before putting it back.

5. Start from the Top, not the Bottom

Whether you’re cleaning your bathroom, kitchen, or bedroom, always start your routine from the top — then move onto vacuuming/sweeping/mopping the floor. This is essential because this will help cut your cleaning time in half.

Think about it like this: when you’re cleaning dust off of the light fixture over your bathroom vanity, dust will plummet to the ground. Knowing this, if you were to clean the floor first, you’d have to give it a second round of vacuuming.

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