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What's the Difference Between a Heat Pump and a Furnace?

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Why are Furnaces and Heat Pumps Different?

While spending more time at home this winter, you may be considering the idea of replacing your current heating system. And while you can always opt-in for a new furnace, you may be toying with the idea of having a heat pump installed instead.

While both are viable options to keep you and your loved ones as toasty as can be, they do have their differences — here’s what to consider.

Heat Pumps

Can Heat and Cool Your Home

One of the biggest perks about having a heat pump installed is that this device can warm your home in the winter and cool it in the summertime. This is possible because the unit can take refrigerant and reverse it through its coils, which would give you, essentially, the best of both worlds.

Take Up Less Space

Depending on the size of your home, you may be limited on space — and when you throw a furnace into the mix, the heating unit could take up quite a bit of square footage if you’re cutting corners.

However, with a heat pump, you can utilize every square inch of your home since the compressor on this unit is installed outdoors! Additionally, a heat pump’s internal elements can be placed just about anywhere since they do not rely on fuel.


Keep You Warm No Matter Where You Live

As it’s known, some states are much colder than others — and that can make it difficult for a heat pump to produce the results you’re looking for in the wintertime. If you happen to live in one of those states, choosing a furnace would be a wiser choice.

The reason why is because “the hub” of the furnace is installed indoors and relies on fuel to produce heat and keep your home warm — no matter the temperature that lingers outside of your humble abode.

Deliver Heat Quicker

Sometimes, it might take a heat pump a little longer to deliver the warmth you’re looking for. Meanwhile, a furnace can help provide quicker results — since it runs on fuel to operate. This is ideal for homes that already have difficulty retaining heat or are much larger in square footage.

Furnace and Heat Pump Services in Milford, Connecticut

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