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Autumnal Curb Appeal Ideas

Front porch with red door decorated for autumn

How Can I Decorate My Home for Autumn?

When the seasons change, so does your home’s decor! And if you’re looking to add a splash of autumn to the outside of your humble abode, it’s simple to do! So, sit back, relax, and take in these fun, festive autumnal ideas for your living space!

Ways to Decorate the Outside of Your Home for Fall

Faux Pumpkins

Do you love having pumpkins sitting on the steps of your front porch? If so, you’ll know that regular gourds don’t tend to last too long when sitting out in the elements (especially when off the vine). However, there is a solution: faux pumpkins!

Relatively inexpensive, these fake gourds can be found at a local craft store and make for the perfect ornaments to sit on your front steps to greet guests. The best part? Since they’re fake, you won’t have to worry about tossing them into the garbage at the end of the season — just store them with the rest of your lawn ornaments, and you’ll be good to go!

Leaf Garland

While autumn leaves may be a burden to clean off your front lawn, faux leaves do make for a beautiful focal point when draped as a garland! Exactly where you’d acquire faux pumpkins, consider picking up a few strands of fake leaves at the craft store. Once you have purchased them, consider wrapping them around railings or columns. Within seconds, you’ll see the beautiful autumnal difference!

Pumpkin Lanterns

No, we’re not talking about creating lanterns out of pumpkins, but taking a bunch of smaller pumpkins and filling them inside of an old lantern. This makes for the perfect finishing touch on your property and won’t be a burden, since you won’t be lighting these lanterns!

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