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Ways to Prevent Pests in Your Home

spider crawling on a painted concrete wall

How Do I Prevent Pests from Coming into My Home?

When summer becomes a distant memory and autumn sails in, so do creepy, crawly “pests” into your home. From spiders to ants, the possibilities are endless — and downright frightening. However, if you’re looking to keep vermin out of your humble abode (after all, they’re not paying rent!), here are some ways to do that with the utmost ease:

Ways to Lessen the Chance of Pests Entering Your House

Never Leave Food Out

Whether it’s an open bag of potato chips or freshly baked cookies on your countertop, never leave food out in the open — this can attract pests. To eliminate more “weary travelers” from staying at your home, make sure to have all food sealed shut and tucked away in cabinets or your fridge.

If you happen to see any remnants of crumbs left behind, don’t let them sit there — make sure to clean up any debris right away.

Make Sure Your Home is Dry

No, we’re not talking about cutting out any essential humidity that’s needed to help maintain a healthy atmosphere, but if you have any water lying around — such as a kitchen sink filled to the brim with dishes — make sure you don’t put the task off of drying them off another day. As it turns out, bugs and various pests are drawn to water — especially when it’s accessible.

Therefore, make sure that all damp areas are dry — and if you happen to notice that you might have a leaky pipe or faucet on your hands, creating the presence of “stray” water in your home, call a plumber right away to save the day!

Always Clean Your Living Space

While this might seem self-explanatory, sometimes, homeowners may feel inclined to put off a day of deep cleaning in their living space! However, even the smallest trace of dirt or dust can attract unwanted attention from pests.

To help steer clear of rolling out the red carpet for vermin, aim to give your humble abode a deep clean at least once a week. From vacuuming to wiping down every square inch of your countertops, this can help keep those pests where they belong: Outside of your living space!

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