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Filthy Places You’re Forgetting to Clean

Woman looking inside of a vintage fridge in a dimly lit kitchen

Filthy Places You’re Forgetting to Clean at Home

We’ve all been cleaning a lot more this year, wiping down tabletops, sanitizing our personal items, and frequently washing our hands — but are there areas you’re missing? The answer is likely, yes. Here are some areas of the home that also need cleaning attention.

Under/Behind the Fridge

Why? No one will see it, right? Probably, but it can still have an impact on your home, health, and wallet. A lot of dust can accumulate under or behind the fridge. And it doesn’t always mean pulling out the appliance to clean every square inch of it — you could simply get a long-armed duster or vacuum. Also, occasionally cleaning the refrigerator’s back coil will help it run much more efficiently and save you money on electricity.

Garbage Can

Clean inside the vessel where you throw garbage? Really? Yes! Think about it — you’re tossing trash into this bin every day. Sometimes, you’re bound to miss, rip a bag, or drop some overflow garbage, which the can then catches. You wouldn’t leave a spill or random trash around your home for long, would you? Apply the same principal to this canister-like vessel when necessary.


Yes, you may have layers of sheets or other protective covers that get washed often, but the actual mattress deserves a cleaning, too. Microparticles and dust can still get through and accumulate. Using a vacuum or other cleaners to get these microorganisms will help prevent possible allergic reactions while increasing your bedroom’s overall cleanliness.

Handles & Switches

You may have heard the phrase “high-touch areas” a lot this year about sanitizing surfaces. Handles and switches are some of the most touched items in your home and require frequent cleaning. Simply wiping with a disinfectant or all-purpose cleaner will do the trick.


Blinds just sit on your window all day collecting dust (granted, that’s what they’re supposed to do). When cleaning other parts of your home, gently run a duster over the slats to collect all those tiny particles.

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