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Go Green Around The Home

green home

It’s never a bad idea to start considering being more energy conscious around the home. For many, going green could be as simple as recycling. However, there are several daily things you could be already doing that are not only better for your pocket but better for the environment, too.

Here are some easy ways to do so:

Switch Your Fixtures

If your home isn’t equipped with them already, you might want to consider looking into and investing in a low-flow fixture. These beautiful additions help reduce the amount of water you use daily.

Consider Insulation

Though your house might be adequately insulated, what about your water heater? Investing in an insulated blanket or foam wrapping can help reduce it’s running cost.

Run Full Loads

Whether you are loading the dishwasher or loading your washing machine, you’ll always want to make sure it’s a full load. When it comes to laundry, doing all your loads back to back will also be a great way to reduce your energy use anyhow, as your dryer is already heated up and ready to go!

Let The Sunshine In

On milder days, instead of turning up the heat or the lights, consider opening your blinds instead. A little sunshine can help warm the room and add natural lighting without the need for extra electricity.

Don’t Forget Fresh Air

Fresh air is great for your air quality, which is also helpful for the life of your HVAC system. When the weather permits, consider opening up your windows and letting the fresh air come on in.

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