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Ways to Warm A Room without Heat

ceiling fan

Winters in Connecticut get very cold. Our homes and businesses are harder to keep warm, and sometimes those efforts are more expensive. Instead of adjusting our thermostats, we have a few strategies to help us all warm up while saving money.

Close Up Cracks and Crevices

We hope you know how important this step is. Drafts in rooms pull the heat out. You should make efforts to close up cracks and crevices to prevent warm air from exiting and cold air from entering. Stand near your windows or doors to spot any draft that may exist. Simple weather stripping replacement or recaulking can be all you need to do the trick. 

Bring in More Light

More light in your room leads to a warmer room. Instead of reaching for the thermostat look for ways to bring in the light. Make sure that furniture is not blocking sources of light and refrain from the use of heavy curtains. Open the space up to the sunlight as much as possible. Consider also adding mirrors to a room to capture and keep more light and heat.

Add Rugs to Room Floors

We also suggest the use of rugs to warm up a room. Insulate your floors as much as possible to retain heat. Rugs that cover an entire floor are our best option. While wool is the surest best for a heat-retaining textile, other textiles also work well. 

Change Ceiling Fan Direction

Changing the direction of ceiling fans seasonally is a great way to keep even temperatures. Instead of heading to the temperature control on your heating unit(s), we encourage you to change the direction of your ceiling fans. Changing the direction of fans to counter-clockwise will move the hot air up and keeping the heat in the room.