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Reasons to Invest in a Heat Pump

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Just like any home appliance, your HVAC system does have a lifespan, and when it gets close to that lifespan, it begins to show some signs of “aging”. From frequent breakdowns to uneven comfort, an older system could have you looking for alternative measures, and one of those solutions might be a heat pump.

Not only can it be used year-round, but it can also do so with less energy. Here are the top reasons to invest in a heat pump:

Can Be Used Year-Round

Heat pumps work by transferring warm air in and out of your home. In the winter, it will bring warm energy from the outside air inside to heat your home. When summer hits, you can use it to bring the warm air inside your home out.

Reduce Your Energy Usage

A large portion of your home’s energy bill comes from heating and cooling your home. When temperatures are extreme, these devices can still keep your home warm or cool without the need for extreme energy usage. That’s because they use electricity to compress and decompress a refrigerate gas and come in three primary types:

  • Air to air

  • Ground source

  • Water source

Since these systems work without fuel, unlike a furnace, you are reducing your carbon footprint by reducing the number of emissions you are putting out into the environment.

Longer Lifespan

A heat pump also has a longer lifespan than your traditional HVAC system. In fact, a ground source heat pump can last an average of 40 years (whereas your central air system is around 20) making it an affordable investment down the road.

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