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Improving Your Home Habits for Better Indoor Air Quality

vacuuming carpet

Keeping on top of your Indoor air quality can lead to better health, fewer chances of allergy and asthma symptoms, and even improve the smell of your home, too. Unfortunately, it’s common for your indoor air to be worse than the outdoor, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fixed. Here are some home habits you’ll want to consider for better indoor air:

Keep Up With Your Air Filters

The first step every homeowner should take is to make sure they stay on top of changing their air filters when recommended. These filters are there to block out allergens and airborne debris from being blown around your home. When not replaced, they can get covered in buildup, leading to less efficient airflow and poor filtration.

Create A Cleaning List

Regularly vacuuming, dusting, and deep cleaning specific areas of your home can help reduce your chance of indoor allergens. If you have a household full of pets, you might also want to consider a HEPA filter vacuum. These models have the highest filters on them to aid in picking up the most dust and debris.

Consider Professional Measures

The most accurate way to keep your air quality is by considering air purifier. A good investment, these systems can help keep your air free of allergens and viruses and keep your home’s air quality high and the air inside fresh. Without it, winter months can leave you with stale, dry air.

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