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Space Saving Tips For Your Freezer

freezer full of food

Ever open your freezer door the be greeted by a flying bag of frozen vegetables? Does it seem like every time you come home from the grocery shopping, you have to find a new and inventive way to shove your freshly-frozen meals into the fridge so that it closes.

If your freezer is one big puzzle of random bags and hard to find food, here are a few ways to ensure you are making the most out of the space.

Think Flat

For starters, when things are stacked on top of each other, it’s easier to find what you need. Instead of putting frozen goods in storage containers, use plastic storage bags or vacuum seal leftover goods or produce. Lay them flat to freeze, and once they are frozen, you can then lay them in stacks like you would magazines or books.

Go Outside The Box

Though you might be worried, you won’t remember the directions, one of the most common space wasters is the cardboard boxes your food comes in. Trash the box, and instead, store the food in just the bags. You can always cut the directions off and clip them to each bag or save them in a nearby draw for future use.

Consider Plastic Bins

Have some leftover plastic bins laid around your house? Reuse them in your freezer! With your newly-flat, unboxed frozen goods, you can easily store and label the containers to make searching for what you need more accessible than ever.

Create a List

Save time searching through freezer bags, and create an inventory of what you have. Whether you do so on a dry erase board on the side of your fridge, or use grease pencil inside the freezer, having a list of what’s in there will make your next shopping list more manageable, too!

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