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The List of 5 Top Drain Nos

clogged drain

Listen, we know no one wants to spend the day waiting for their plumber, we get it. Though not all plumbing emergencies can be avoided, there are several situations, especially when it comes to your household drains, that you can easily prevent.

In fact, most of the drain plumbing calls we receive, are caused by miseducation on how to treat your drains. To keep the clogs low, here are all the thing you want to stop doing to your drains ASAP:

1. Avoiding Drain Catchers

A drain catcher stops hair and other debris from going down your sink and shower drain. When you don’t invest in them or misuse them, a lot of foreign objects can clog up your pipes. Once there, they can expand stick to the walls, and lead to clogs. So for all drains, use a catcher.

2. Overusing Drain Cleaners

When drain clogs occur, you might go straight to the liquid drain cleaner, for a quick fix. Though it could help at the time, there may be a more significant issue living deeper in your drains that needs professional cleaning. Besides, those cleaners are loaded with chemicals that could be eating away at your pipes. Next time, call a professional.

3. Avoiding a Drain Cleaning

Drain cleanings get rid of buildup, dirt grease and other things lurking in your drains and pipes. This keeps your pipes lasting longer, and your water flowing with ease.

4. Abusing Your Garbage Disposal

A garbage disposal might be a useful way to get rid of food debris, but there is a list of foods that should never go down them. For instance, pasta, grease and fats, fibrous foods like celery, and chicken or turkey bones can do some significant damage or lead to a clog. Instead, make sure to scrape these items into the trash.

5. Flushing Everything and Anything

The only thing that should ever go down your toilet is bodily fluids and toilet paper. That’s it. Flushable wipes don’t break down, feminine products can lead to clogs, and anything else you can image needs to be placed in a trash can instead.

If a drain clog does occur, the experts at Tri-City Heating and Cooling are here to help. Contact us today!