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When Should I Update My Heating System?

cold couple sitting by radiator

Temperatures sure are unpredictable at this time of year, but one thing is sure, when that cold winter nights hit, you’ll want to ensure your heating system is ready to tackle the task. For many homeowners, regular repairs might seem routine, but constant costly repairs could be a sign that it's time for an upgrade. To fully decide if it’s time to give your heating system the boot, here’s what to look for:

Your Heating is Over a Decade Old

Just like any other appliance or policy, your heating system does have a lifespan, and the end of it usually begins around the ten-year mark. For some, if proper tune-ups and repairs didn’t occur, that lifespan could happen even sooner.

Your System is Now Noisy

A well-running heating system should contribute to the noise pollution in your home. When significant issues start to occur, you may notice that running it lately leads to some loud and hard to ignore noises. Though a variety of reasons that could be the cause of this extra noise, often it’s due to old, worn-out parts that need replacing. Usually, the more energy-efficient choice is to go for the upgrade.

Your Energy Bill Keeps Rising

More modern systems are made to waste less energy. Beyond that, a system past its prime age works harder than a younger one to get your home to a desirable temperature. When your energy bill starts to increase slowly, it might be time to consider your heating options. For those in the Milford area, Tri-City Heating and Cooling can help.