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When Should I Upgrade My Water Heater

leaking water heater

For Many, your home's water heater is like the trusting heart of your plumbing system. It provides you with hot water for relaxing showers to wash your clothes or dishes, and yet; it’s often forgotten about until it’s no longer working. However, there are some minor signs that you can look for when it’s time to retire your trusted water heater.

When Your Running Out of Hot Water

A cold shower shouldn’t be part of your daily process unless you want it to be. For many modern-day units, especially those that are tankless, running out of hot water is not an option. Tankless units only heat your water on demand, so you save on water waste, and you can ensure your shower is always hot.

When Your Electricity Bill Rises

An older system is not energy efficient, so when it hits its maximum lifespan, it has to use more energy to heat your water. An upgrade now could be all you need to get your energy bill back to normal.

When Rust is Coming From It

Sediment buildup can mean you need draining or cleaning, but if it keeps occurring, chances are your tank is getting older and needs replacement. If your water quality is starting to suffer, and your system is over a decade old, it’s time to consider a new one.

When You Don’t Know How Old it Is

Whether you’re in a new home or been there for several years, you should have an idea of when the water heater was installed. If not, and it seems to be letting you down, it’s probably at retirement years. Luckily, the experts at Tri-City can help you find the most efficient option for you! Contact Tri-City Heating and Cooling today!