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Here's Why Your Bathroom Is Making Loud Noises


A bathroom can be one of the busiest places in the home. Though the sound of running water or a flush is normal, there are times when a loud, strange, or unexpected noise occurs from your plumbing. These vibrations, gurgles, and sounds are all signs that something needs repair. So if your bathroom is suddenly starting to sound like your local symphony, here’s what it could mean:

Gurgling Noises

Probably the most common bathroom noisy, a gurgling or giant gulp in your drain is a sign that water is having trouble going down it. The most common cause of this is a clog, and it’s often accompanied by bumbling and slow draining water.

Foghorn Noises

If you are suddenly startled by a sound that resembles a foghorn every time you flush, especially if it’s an older toilet, the issue could be coming from a loose washer in the ballcock assembly, located in the tank. The washer can be replaced in some models, but the best and long term solution is to replace the valve.

Banging Noises

If the noise issue occurs when you turn on your faucet, it could be an issue with your water supply or with the faucet itself. If the sound is a loud banging or hitting noise, it’s often water hammering and is most likely caused by air trapped in your water pipes. To fix the issue, you will need to turn on your water and actively listen for the part that’s causing it. Once you find where the problem lies, you’ll need to repair or replace it.

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