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How To Avoid A Thanksgiving Plumbing Disaster

Clogged kitchen sink

Thanksgiving Day is a wonderful time of year because it allows people to spend time with friends and family as they eat to their heart’s content. Unfortunately, whoever is hosting the holiday will more than likely run into a few plumbing problems. Thanksgiving is a very busy day for plumbers who rescue homeowners from all types of problems, from clogged toilets to overflowing kitchen sink drains. Thankfully (in the spirit of thankfulness!) there are things you can do beforehand so you can avoid a plumbing disaster.

Here are four Thanksgiving plumbing tips to help you avoid a catastrophe:

  • Use a sink strainer. There is so much that goes into preparing for a Thanksgiving Day feast — especially when you’re cooking for the ENTIRE family! Throughout the day, a lot of waste will end up in the sink as you continue preparation. This waste can create a clog in the piping, refusing to allow water to drain as it normally would. For this day, make sure you keep a drain cover on the sink and clean it out as it fills up.
  • Watch what you put down your garbage disposal. People who have and use a garbage disposal should be careful of what they are putting down it. Avoid placing corn husks, grease, potato peels, and bones down the disposal. When you do place items down the disposal, make sure you do a little at a time to avoid creating a blockage. The homeowner should also be the only one allowed to use the disposal, this way no one can sneakily place their food scraps into it.
  • Prepare your bathroom. Naturally, the toilet will be used quite frequently on this food-filled holiday. Between the increased amount of people, food, and drinks that will be present, bathroom breaks will be happening left and right. If your plumbing has been on the fritz lately, warn your guests in advance so they don’t use too much toilet paper. You should also place a small waste bin next to the toilet to deter guests from flushing non-flushable items.
  • Don' t attempt to fix the problem yourself. Thanksgiving day is not the right time to become a DIY plumbing expert. It's always a better idea to leave the problem to the professionals so that a small problem doesn't get worse.

Thanksgiving is a day to give thanks, bond with loved ones, and eat —not to be plunging away at the toilet or kitchen sink. However, since accidents do happen, contact Tri-City Heating and Cooling for emergency service when needed. To request a plumbing service, please give us a call at (203) 303-5700.