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Top Reasons For Uneven Home Temperatures

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When the cold weather hits outside, the temperatures start to rise inside. As you begin to raise your thermostat to warm your home to your desired level, you might find that some areas have trouble getting there. For many, uneven temperatures in the house can be a constant winter problem, leaving you to bundle up in one area and sweat in another.

Beyond having a different temperature preference to the rest of your family, there are several reasons why your home can be colder in certain spots; here are the most common ones:

You Skipped a Service Appointment

If you can’t remember the last time you got your system serviced, it could be the cause of your unevenly cool home. Whether there is an issue within your system or a more straightforward problem, such as a dirty air filter, your unit will have a hard time pushing air through your home. This is due to the dirt and dust that may be covering your air filter. Because of this, your temperatures will be uneven, and your home will never get to where you want it to be.

Your System Can’t Handle The Task

Have you added on to your home recently or moved into a new one that has an already existing system? If so, your HVAC unit might be too small or too large for your home. Believe it or not, your unit should be chosen based on the size of your home.

When it’s too small, it won’t be able to deliver the needed power to heat your home with ease. When it’s too large, it will heat up too quickly or shut off quicker, leading to dips in temperatures.

Your Cold Spots are Happening in a Renovated Room

If you’ve added on a sunroom or converted your garage or basement into some extra living space, you might need some extra help heating it — and a ductless unit is just that. Because your new addition most likely is not equipped with air vents, choosing a ductless option for the room can give you comfortable temperatures, at an energy-efficient cost — no drilling or vent additions required.

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