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Signs Your Appliances Need an Upgrade

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The holiday season is here! As we carve the turkey tomorrow and start to save flyers for Black Friday shopping, many might be taking today and tomorrow to decide what they want and what they need, especially when it comes to your kitchen appliances.

Though it can be hard to decide when upgrading your appliances is worth it, for many, now is the season to do it — especially if you're hosting any upcoming holidays. So if you are on the fence about bringing home a shiny new stove, dishwasher, fridge, or other home appliance — here are a few things you’ll want to consider:

Signs It’s Time For a New Appliance

Do They Resemble Your Parents Appliances?

No, we are not talking about in the designer “vintage” way. If your appliance is older than you, it’s probably time to make the switch. Your fridge might still keep your food somewhat cold, but the energy its using to do so is far more than the newer models. Besides, appliances do have a lifespan, and once that reaches double digits, the chance of a breakdown increases.

Does Your Electric Bill Seem to Keep Rising?

As mentioned above, older appliances can make your energy bill go sky-high. Fortunately, many newer models are made to keep your energy usage in mind. Though the initial purchase might be more, in the end, you’ll save in monthly bills. Not to mention, the performance of the newer model will show!

Are You Constantly Calling For Repair?

Yes, an issue here and there is one thing, but if your appliance is spending more time being fixed than doing the task it was made to do — it’s time to ditch it for something new. Constant problems are just a sign that your system can no longer handle the task it was made to do, making it time to go with the new version.

Residential Appliance Services in Connecticut

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