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Repair or Replace? Common Signs Your Oven is About to Go

Oven Repair or Replacement

When you start noticing issues with your oven, your first thought it so to call for maintenance. However, in certain situations, your appliance might be beyond repair. Though it’s not easy to tell, there are some clues that the over is on its way out. To ensure you are not left calling for takeout last minute, here are some clear signs it's time to ditch the repair and look to replace your oven:

Dinner Isn’t Cooking Right

No, your oven isn’t a magic vessel that can make anything you make taste amazing, it still should provide you with even heating. If you are beginning to notice that some of your favorite dishes are coming out undercooked in some areas, take longer, or come out burnt, it’s a sign your heating elements are starting to fail. If this is the case, a maintenance specialist can let you know if a replacement is best.

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Your Pilot Light Won’t Turn On

If your gas oven isn’t lighting, you’ll want to act fast. When your pilot goes out, gas will not be heated by the flame, and it could lead to a leak in your home and potential explosion. So if you are experiencing any issues with your pilot light, get it taken care of ASAP.

Your Countertops are Scorched

When your oven is on its way out, it may have trouble holding the heat. You may notice that cabinets or any items close to your oven are now scorched. Other times parts of the oven itself might be heating up too much. This could all be due to a worn away seal or a cooling fan that is no longer working, either way, your oven may be nearing its end and should be looked at promptly.

If you think your oven is just in need of repair, the experts at Tri-City Heating and Cooling can fix your problems with ease. Contact us, to find out if your stove or oven is ready to be repaired or replaced.