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The Most Common Drain Clogs

water pooling in shower

Summer is just about a month away, and as you begin to prepare your home and yard for the season ahead, we want to remind you to give your drains some TLC. The last way you’ll want to spend your summer is by sitting in your home waiting for a plumber to come. So to avoid having major drain clogs and issues, here are the most common drain clogs and what you can do to prevent them.


Ah the most innocent of drain clogs, your families shower habits can cost you an unnecessary plumbing call. Avoid shampooed, sticky hair clogging your drain by investing in a hair catcher. Have a four-legged pal that needs a frequent bath? Take them outside. These little tips can ensure your pipes don’t get bogged up with hair.

Food Waste

The easiest way to avoid food clogging up your drains? Scrape those plates. If you have a garbage disposal, make sure you and your family know what can and can not go down it. Avoid fibrous foods, fat, and grease from heading down the drains.

Flushing Too Much

Remember: your toilet is not a garbage can, and treating it as such will lead to a significant overflow/clog. Only toilet paper should go down it, and flushable wipes, well they are not as flushable as you think and can take a long time to properly breakdown. So when in doubt, throw it out!

Tree Roots

An unexpected plumbing issue, tree roots can make their way through your pipes and lead to significant plumbing issues. The main reason; the trees are growing towards the sewers looking for water and nutrients. They then begin to grow into the sewers, blocking flow.