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Here Are The Most Efficient Ways to Wash Your Dishes

scrubbing pan in sink

As one of the most dreaded household chores. Doing the dishes can often feel like it takes much longer than it should. Well, luckily, we have some tips that can help. In honor of tomorrow being No Dirty Dish Day, here’s the most efficient way to wash your dishes:

Scrape Before You Place

Before you begin washing your dishes, make sure you scrape all massive particles in the trash. This not only makes cleaning them easier, but it will also prevent the food from clogging up your drains.

By The Good Soap

We understand budgeting is part of everyone’s day-to-day, but there are some things worth spending the extra money on, and with cleaning products that are dish soap. Good dish soap will cut grease, and help you scrub less. Plus, you’ll need less of it, making it worth the extra few dollars.

Start With Smaller Items First

Though you might want to tackle that big pot and pans first, it will make everything more time consuming and much harder. The smaller items will keep the water cleaner longer and make it easier to finish the job without having to drain the water or scrape harder than needed.

Wash in Bulk

If you plan to skip the hand washing altogether and opt for your dishwasher, you’ll want to wait until the appliance is full. A full dishwasher will help stop water waste and energy usage and is the most efficient use of your time.

If your sink gets clogged or your dishwasher isn’t working as it should, Tri-City Heating and Cooling is ready and willing to help get to the root of the problem! Contact us today!