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Top Ways to Celebrate Earth Day Around Your Home

globe with knotted water tap

Happy Earth Day! Today is a day to think about the environment, a day to think about your contribution to the world — so why not start in the home? With some minor steps, you can start doing your part, today, and every day, for the environment.

So how can you use Earth Day to start conserving?

Take Shorter Showers

Long showers might feel like the best part of your day, but they are not only wasting water, they are drying out your skin and hair, too. Shorter showers can help you retain moisture while ensuring you're mindful of your water usage.

Shut The Water Off While Brushing

Another common water waster is committed during your daily dental hygiene routines. It’s quite easy to forget to shut off the water while you brush, leading to some much unnecessary water running down the drain. Instead, shut it off between brushes.

Unplug For The Day

The modern home is full of electronics now, making power usage in most homes higher than it has been in decades. To help lower your energy bill, and ensure you are not wasting any unnecessary energy, be mindful of your day-to-day usage. Try a TV-free day or shut off lights and use natural sunlight instead.

Have multiple appliances in the same area? Plug them into power strips so you can shut them off with ease when not in use. These little steps can lead to significant energy savings.

Open The window

Spring is the perfect time to stop the heating and cooling usage and start letting the fresh air in. Not only is it a great way to get a pleasant breeze, but with the blinds open, you’ll also get natural sunlight, too.

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