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Preparing For Your Holiday Party

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Are you planning to be the host of this weekends holiday party? As you head to the packed out stores to get your food and supplies, you probably have a list of other chores and tasks running through your mind. Well, as you decide what the main dish to serve, we have the indoor home tasks you’ll want to take care of now. By paying mind to these home maintenance tips, you can rest easy and enjoy your party knowing that you won’t have any significant party mishaps ruining your fun.

Prepare Your Appliances

Now is the time to do some deep cleaning on your fridge and dishwasher, after all, they are going to work hard this weekend. Throw out old food, clean the shelves, and take a look for any minor issues. If you have time, clean the back coils of your fridge to ensure it’s working as efficiently as it should. The last thing you want is for your refrigerator to break down in the middle of your party, leaving you with spoiled desserts and no place to store your leftovers.

Don’t Forget Your Air Quality

Rain rain, you are hoping it stays away, but when it comes to that day, you’ll want to make sure it’s no work and all play. That’s why you’ll want to have an indoor backup plan if possible. If you are packing your home party into your house, you’ll want to make sure they are cool and comfortable and not sweating the day away. Change your air filters if you haven’t yet, ensure your thermostat is working as it should, and remember to keep the temperature lower that day to accommodate the extra body heat.

Prep The Plumbing

Don’t add your drain clogs woes with leftover food parts from your party dishes. Instead, take care of the drains now. If your toilet is slowing flushing, your tub is slowly draining, or the water in your sink takes a while to go down — your trusty plumber can help fix these issues now before they get worse.

If you do wind up with an HVAC, plumbing or appliance break down during your party, Tri-City Heating and Cooling is here to help, contact us today!