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Here's The Dirtiest Areas in Your Bathroom

cleaning scale off showerhead

When you're cleaning your bathroom, you probably take time to clean the toilet, the shower, and the floor. These are usually the most common areas where you make contact with during the day aside from the counter and the sink. However, they sometimes aren't the dirtiest.

Light Switches And Door Handles

Since you usually need to turn on the light when you go into the bathroom, the light switch can become caked with dirt, germs, and bacteria. It's also one of the areas that you might not think about cleaning. The door handles fall under this category as well. They are often used when you enter and exit the room but are sometimes neglected when you're cleaning the other surfaces.

Shower Head

Even though it would seem like this component of your shower is clean since water flows from it, mold and mildew can quickly develop on the shower head. You can spray bleach on the shower head or use vinegar and water when cleaning. If you notice that your shower head doesn't seem to have the force that you desire, then consider contacting a plumbing company like Tri-City that can come to your home to examine the shower lines and other details to determine if they are clogged.


You should try to clean or replace your bathmat at least once a month if possible, especially if there are several people using the same shower and tub. This is a component that collects the bacteria that is washed off when you take a shower and can begin to develop mold and mildew because of the amount of water that sits on the mat after you get out.

Contact Tri-City Heating and Cooling about the concerns that you have regarding drainage issues in your bathroom or if you notice your water pressure isn't as high as you would like.