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Top Signs Your Indoor Air Quality is Suffering

dirty air filter

Your indoor air quality could be the cause of a lot of things without you even realizing. In fact, most indoor air quality is worse than outdoor air. Here are the top signs that indicate that a home's air quality is suffering.

Top Sign 1: Foul Odors in a Home

If you notice a constant foul odor in a home, then it is often because the climate-control equipment requires a new air filter. We recommend changing the air filters in air conditioners and furnaces at least once a month, but if a home has cigarette smokers or several pets, then changing the air filter more frequently is vital. If you think your air filter isn't doing its job, you might want to look into your air filter options.

Top Sign 2: Dust Floating in the Air of a Home

Have you been noticing more dust floating around your home, this indicates that the air filters aren't capturing the debris correctly. It is important to choose an air filter that is the proper size to remove the household dust and other debris from the air. In addition, rather than using a cheap air filter, use a high-quality filter that captures the tiniest particles of dust.

Top Sign 3: Experiencing Allergy Symptoms

When our customers have more allergy symptoms such as sneezing and sinus congestion, it is often due to poor air quality in a home. Our technicians can clean the components in an air conditioner or a furnace along with replacing the air filters in the devices to keep allergens out of the air stream of a home. We can also remove debris from a home's venting system.

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