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5 Appliance Hacks that Will Save You Energy

ceiling fan view from below

The appliances in your home can be big energy wasters; however, if you use them effectively, you'll be able to reduce your home's energy costs. Saving energy at home has become a top priority for many people, and it doesn't necessarily require a lot of extra effort. Here are 5 appliance hacks that will help you start saving:

1. Pack Food In Your Freezer Tightly. Every time you open your freezer door, a lot of cold air rushes out. When you close the door again, your freezer has to work extra hard to produce more cold air. If you pack things in your freezer tightly, cold air will stay inside. As a result, your freezer won't have to waste so much energy to produce more cold air every time you open the door. If you don't have enough food to pack into your freezer, you can use things like ice packs or bags of ice to fill space.

2. Air Dry Your Clothing When Possible. In the warmer months, sticking your clothes on the clothesline can be an easy energy saving hack. Dryers tend to use a lot of electricity to run due to their heating elements. Air drying your clothing means that you're skipping the dryer altogether and reducing the energy costs associated with running it on a daily basis.

3. Take it Easy on Your HVAC System. Do you really need to crank up the heat? Can you layer your clothes instead? Ask yourself these questions when you're tempted to crank up your thermostat. Your HVAC system works hard to heat and cool your home, so when you crank up the heat or air conditioning, it only has to use more energy to provide you with the indoor temperature you want. Before you adjust your thermostat, try throwing on some extra clothes or taking some off to help your body reach a comfortable temperature.

4. Take Advantage of A Ceiling Fan. In the warmer months, using your ceiling fan appropriately can help you reduce air conditioning costs. When air from the fan blows downward, it helps to cool off your room so you don't have to use your air conditioning as much. If you want to use your ceiling fan in the winter, turn it the opposite direction so that the cool air blows upward in an effort to keep you warm. This can help reduce heating costs.

5. Wash Clothes in Cold Water. About 90 percent of the energy your washer uses is from heating up the water to wash your clothes. Using cold water when you wash things can help reduce energy costs by a lot. Washing your clothes with warm water doesn't provide many benefits anyway, so unless you have some really dirty clothes, you can just opt for cold water.

Being smart about the way you use your appliances can help you save loads of energy at home. If you want help ensuring your appliances are running smoothly and efficiently, Tri-City Heating and Cooling can help maintain your appliances and provide you with energy efficient solutions.