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Why Is My Water Suddenly Brown?

brown water from tap

Having access to clean water is very important, but something that many people today also take for granted. While you can have clean and clear water for a very long time, there are situations that can occur that could change this. In some situations, you may even notice that your water has suddenly turned brown. Here are some of the common reasons why you are suddenly noticing brown water

Disturbance in Minerals

One of the most common reasons why the water in your home has turned brown is that there has been a disturbance in the minerals or sediment in your water. Minerals and sediment are naturally occurring in water and in pipes. If there has been construction near your home or work being done on the main water line, it could cause a disturbance. Normally, this problem will correct itself within a few hours.

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Rusty Pipe

A larger concern that will require professional plumbing support is if you have rusty pipes. While pipes can last for a long time, they always have a change of corroding. If the pipes in your home are corroding badly, it could cause rust to get into your pipes. This could cause the water in your home to turn into a brownish color. Over time, this will only get worse and could cause a leak. Hiring a plumber to investigate and repair is a necessity in these situations.

If the water in your home has suddenly turned brown, it would be a good idea to have it checked out by a professional. Before calling a professional, you should run your water for about an hour. If after this amount of time it is still brown, calling Tri-City Heating and Cooling would be a good option.