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Common Plumbing Myths

flushing toilet

Some of the most common plumbing issues occur due to lack of knowledge. Many are due to common myths homeowners have been lead to believe are valid. From false labeling and false advertising, your innocent purchases and ways could be the reason you're calling our plumbers so often. To keep your plumbing problems to a low, and start giving your plumbing the TLC it deserves, stop falling for these common myths.

Myth: Some Wipes are Flushable

Yes, yes, we know! The packaging says it, so it must be so. While these luxury wipes might mark themselves as “flushable,” the truth of the matter is, though they won’t clog your toilet immediately, they will linger. Taking forever to breakdown, if at all, you are eventually going to lead yourself to a significantly stinky sewer clog. When it comes to what you flush, stick to bodily fluids and toilet paper. That’s it!

Myth: Hot Water Will Melt Grease

A little grease down the drain on occasion, by accident, probably won’t do much damage. When it becomes a regular occurrence, you’re likely headed for a significant clog! Grease will harden and solidify in your pipes, ultimately blocking water flow and leading to a very preventable visit from our plumbers. (Hot water does not stop this process.)

Myth: All You Need is Liquid Drain Cleaner

Though it will temporarily fix your problem, those liquid drain cleaners are loaded with chemicals that are not good for your pipes. The more you use them, the more likely they are to eat away at your plumbing, leading to a more significant issue down the road. When a plumbing problem occurs, or constant clogs keep happening, reach out to the pros, instead.

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