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Top HVAC Facts

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With the current temperatures being so high, your probably most grateful for your trusty HVAC system right now. It’s keeping you cool and comfortable even on the hottest of days! Because your system is working overtime, this season, we wanted to give it the love it deserves with some top HVAC facts. Here is what all homeowners, if they don’t know, should:

HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. You probably already figured out that HVAC is an acronym, but what most homeowners don’t know or forget about is the V in that equation. Yes, it's natural to think of your heating and cooling needs first, but the ventilation part is what provides your home with fresh, clean air. With regular tune-ups, you can ensure that all parts of your system work together to provide you with crisp, clean air.

There is no one size fits all system. When your HVAC system is installed, if done correctly, it will be sized for the current setup of your house. If you add on, later on, there is a chance your system is no longer equipped to handle that space. You might need a bigger system to ensure even cooking and less energy water. Another option is zoning. This will allow you to control the temperature in different parts of the home so that each zone is just how you desire it to be.

Same goes for your air filters. Washable, disposable, and different filter levels, your air filter options aren’t as limited as you may think. For instance, if you are a household filled with allergy sufferers, you might want to look into a higher grade filter that can catch more dander, dust, and pollutants. It’s also vital to keep up with replacements and washings as recommended by your manufacturer.

For all your HVAC questions, to schedule a tune-up, or to ask about upgrades, contact Tri-City Heating and Cooling.