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The Importance of Water Quality

filling up glass of water from tap

Water is a significant part of your day-to-day life. You use it for cooking, bathe, wash, and clean, without any noticeable problems. Everything seems okay. But many homeowners are unaware of the toll their water quality can play on their home. You could have contaminants in your water, such as lead, iron, arsenic, and bacteria. The good news is that there are steps you can take to improve your water quality.

What's Lurking in Your Water?

A simple test can tell you a lot about what might be lurking in your pipes and water system. Some contaminants we often see include:

  • Arsenic and nitrates at high levels
  • Acidic water
  • Sediment
  • Hard water
  • Chlorine or related chemicals
  • Bacteria

What This Means For You

Are you living with limescale on your fixtures? Thank your hard water for that. That build-up can also cause issues in your plumbing, lead to more wear on your appliance (ultimately shortening their lifespan), and lead to dull and dry skin and hair.

Improving Water Quality

Once you know what might be lurking in your water, the next step is to put in a water treatment system to remove or reduce those contaminants. The exact configuration of your water treatment system depends on the results of the water test. Our licensed plumbers can help you select the right components for your home.

After installation, you will find your water quality vastly improved. You and your family's health will be better protected. Your appliances will last longer because they don't have to fight sediment build-up. You won't have to fight soap scum build-up on your clothing or bath fixtures.

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