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Why Isn't My Home Cooling Off?

Picture this: It’s Friday, and after the long work week, all you want to do is go home and sit with your family, friends or maybe alone on your nice comfy couch. As you unlock the door, you open it to find a waft of hot air blowing right at you. The humidity and mugginess overwhelm you, and your first thought is to run to the thermostat, but there might be a few issues you’ll want to explore. So if your finding that your AC isn’t working like it once was — here’s what you’ll want to consider:

Have You Changed Your Filters?

A dirty air filter can put a number on your machine and sometimes it can be quite easy to lose track of the last time you took care of this. By leaving your filters unchanged, there is a layer of dirt and debris that your cold air must push through to cool off your home; this can ultimately lead to freeze over or burn out and require you to a major repair — and possibly a replacement.

Are You Utilizing Fans?

One of your most significant issues can be circulation. A larger size home might have a hard time cooling off every room, and if you are not using ceiling fans or keeping doors closed, it can be easy for some rooms to get colder than the next. Try keeping blinds closed, doors open and fans on to hold a comfortable and evenly temperature home.

Could It Be Time For An Upgrade?

It might simply be that your system is just out of date or way to small for your home. If you recently created an addition — or just noticed that it takes awhile for your AC unit to adequately cool your home off, it could be a sizing issue. Not all systems are made equal, and some more than others can handle larger spaces. An older system could be to blame too.

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