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Why Isn't My Home Cooling Off?

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Picture this: It’s Friday, and after the long work week, all you want to do is go home and sit with your family and friends or maybe alone on your comfy couch. As you unlock the door, you open it to find a waft of hot air blowing right at you. The humidity and mugginess overwhelm you, and your first thought is to run to the thermostat, but there might be a few issues you’ll want to explore. So if you find that your AC isn’t working like it once was — here’s what you’ll want to consider:

Have You Changed Your Filters?

It can be easy to lose track of the last time you replaced your AC’s air filter. Unfortunately, a dirty air filter can hamper your air conditioner’s cooling ability. When you leave a filter in too long, it will form a layer of dirt and debris that air will struggle to flow through; this can ultimately lead to parts of your air conditioner freezing over or overheating. These problems may require you to make a major repair — or replace your whole system, in the worst-case scenario.

Are All of the Air Vents Open and Unblocked?

Partially closed air vents are a much more common problem than most people realize. If the airflow from your AC system feels weak, double-check that the vents are open all the way and that nothing is blocking the return vent.

This is especially important if you’ve just moved into a new home because you don’t know how the previous owner or construction team may have left the air vents. Even if you’ve been living in the same home for a while, it’s possible that a household member fiddled with an air vent at some point or another. Bottom line: it doesn’t hurt to check.

Are You Utilizing Fans?

Even if your air conditioner is working, your home may need fans to improve air circulation. A larger home, in particular, might have a hard time cooling off sun-facing or upstairs rooms. If you are shutting doors or not using floor and ceiling fans, some rooms may stay much warmer than others.

Are You Using Heat-Blocking Window Treatments?

When sunlight shines in through a standard, double-pane window, it adds a significant amount of heat to a room. If you have rooms that get direct sunlight, you’ll want to invest in some window treatments that can block the heat, such as:

  • Roman shades
  • Insulated cellular shades
  • Thick, wooden blinds or plantation shutters
  • Thermal curtains

Even if you do not currently own these window treatments, just keeping ordinary curtains and blinds closed can help your home stay cool during the summer.

Could It Be Time For An Upgrade?

It might be that your system is just out of date or way too small for your home. Keep in mind that the average lifespan of an air conditioner is approximately 15 years, so if your system is older than that, it may be struggling due to its age.

It’s also possible that your air conditioner is not adequately sized for your home. If you recently created an addition to your home — or just noticed that it takes a while for your AC unit to adequately cool your home off — you may need a system with a larger capacity. If your home struggles to achieve an even temperature, you may even want to consider upgrades that can help this issue specifically, including:

  • A two-speed or variable-speed air conditioner, which adjusts how much power it uses depending on how much cooling your home needs. These systems allow larger homes to cool off more evenly.
  • A zoning system, which directs air to the areas of your home that need it most. This can help you save a substantial amount of energy.

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