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Are Your Prepared For The Hot Days Ahead?

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Are you prepared for the hot summer days ahead? If you are currently reviewing your cooling options or looking to upgrade, but don’t know where to start — that is where we come in! Before setting your sites on your AC future, here’s what you’ll to consider:

Do you Own or Rent?

One of the first factors you must consider when deciding on your type of AC is your current living situation. If you own a large size home, you might want to invest in a central air system, but if you are renting an apartment or house, a ductless system is your best bet. Do you want something that fits in the window and can be removed and installed with ease, or do you want an in-between ductless system that lives on your wall, and takes up less space and sunlight? These are all questions you’ll want to keep in mind.

Think About Size

You want to be sure you are purchasing the right unit for your home. No matter what your options are, you don’t want to be wasting energy trying to keep each room cool and comfortable. A ductless system can allow you to often cool up to 4 rooms of one condenser, while central air units can come in different sizes. Knowing all this can make the decision process a bit easier.

Consider The Process

If you are looking for a smooth, quick solution that requires no construction, a few window units can help you get through the summer. If you don’t mind a little bit of a mess, with a day or two of installation — a ductless system is your choice. If you don’t mind updating your old ducts or installing new ones — it might be time to go big and invest in a central air system now.

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