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Why You Should Invest in a New Furnace

gas burner

The coldest day of the year comes along and you wake up realizing your home is unusually cold.  It happens all the time even with regular furnace maintenance. An aging furnace past its prime is destined for failure because its mechanisms simply cannot meet the original manufacturer's specification for heat output and function.  An aging heating system can cost more to repair, take longer to heat your home and increase your energy bill. 

There are three reasons to invest in a new furnace now:
. Avoiding heat function failure at the most inconvenient times 
. The cost of repair exceeds or meets the cost of a newer more reliable system 
. Your old system cannot offer the reliability and assurance of comfort for your home 

How to Determine When Its Time for an Investment in a New System 

The best advice for when your aging heating system reaches its final stage of efficiency should be determined by a professional. here may be more than a malfunction of a blower or thermostat causing problems. It takes a licensed, fully trained technician to assess the damage to the system. 

Winters in the CT region can get pretty uncomfortable when a system has ceased completely. Our experts are ready to restore indoor comfort,  With such HVAC business longevity and a loyal clientele to Tri-City's credit, when its time to invest in a new HVAC system,

When you think about waking up an icy cold home, it's easy to see why now is the time to consider a new furnace.