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Prepping Your Home For The Holidays Ahead

people around holiday table

Preparing a home for the holidays typically involves a fair amount of decorating. Even with all of that festive cheer, you still need to ensure everything inside of the house is working as it should. As the end of the year approaches, there are a few holiday maintenance musts every homeowner should see to.

Inspecting the inner workings of one's home is an important step in prepping for guests. We recommend the following tips to help prepare a house for the upcoming holidays:

1. Clean Your Drains

There's nothing as aggravating as a clogged drain. With family members visiting for the holidays, dealing with slow or non-functioning drains is a hassle. By calling our plumbing experts, you'll be able to fix all draining issues and ensure that your home is ready for all that extra cooking prep.

2. Check Your Toilets

Toilet flushing slowly? This can prove to be a problem as bathrooms are one of the highest traffic areas in a home. The last thing you want is a big toilet overflow during your holiday dinner. Get all clogs, leaks and water issues fixed now, so you can have less of a headache later.

3. Check the Garbage Disposal

A malfunctioning garbage disposal can rob any home of holiday cheer. With the bad odors that come from a clogged disposal, it's only a matter of time before this smell takes over the house. For this, we recommend contacting Tri-City for one of our experts.

4. Inspect the Heating System

Heat is something that no homeowner wants to be without during the winter. This is why it is so important to regularly inspect one's heating system before the holidays arrive. By calling one of our HVAC specialists for a regular tune-up you can ensure clean and comfort

Don't let the holiday season catch you off guard. Contact us at Tri-City to make sure you are properly prepared.