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Why is My Fridge Leaking?

water leak on kitchen floor

Like any appliance, your fridge has a lifespan, and If it's more than 10 years old, leaks are more likely to occur. Water could be dripping from the bottom or leaking on the inside and spoiling the food. Creating an unnecessary amount of waste and mess that could be avoided. With routine appliance maintenance, we can find the cause of your leak and fix it before it becomes worse. Before you make the call, here are a few troubleshooting tips you can try on your own.

So Why is Your Fridge Leaking?

Cracked Drain Pan. A drain pan works fine in catching liquids that drip from the fridge. If the pan is cracked, a leak could form that you never even knew about. It's important to check the pan often and replace a damaged one immediately.

Connection Issues to the Ice Maker. Not installing the ice maker correctly will cause leaks. There may be a problem with a damaged valve or an insecure attachment to the water supply line. Redo the steps that you did to connect the machine and if you are still seeing an issue, it's time to give us a call.

Poor Connection to the Water Filter. When the connection is poor, water spills out of the filter and onto the floor. Reinstall the filter to fix this problem. Otherwise, the filter may be damaged and need replacing.

Ice Buildup. In cold settings, ice builds up in different parts of the fridge. Eventually, it will melt and create a pool of water. Check the temperature setting first and then check the individual parts. The buildup may be caused by a clogged drain hose or cracked door seal.

When the fridge is leaking, waiting too long only worsens the problem. It's common for a small leak to turn into a bigger one that damages the floor and the fridge itself. In general, the average fridge lasts 10 years, but you can still prolong its lifespan by a few more years. At Tri-City Heating and Cooling, we have the right tools to identify the source of a leak, perform an appliance repair and prevent its reappearance.