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What Are My Washer and Dryer Options?

washer and dryer

Washers and dryers won't complete cycles properly when they have defective or damaged parts and components. If a vital component is severely damaged, other mechanical pieces will have to work harder in order to complete the lengthy washing or drying routines.

When this happens, a typical unit will waste a lot of energy throughout each cycle — not to mention the added wear and tear that will shorten the appliance’s lifespan. The best way to avoid these operational problems and energy issues is by understanding the most common maintenance signs and energy usage inefficiencies. You'll also need to consider washer and dryer upgrade opportunities whenever repair isn't an option.

washer and dryer

Maintenance Options for Washer and Dryers

When a washing machine malfunctions, most problems can be resolved by repairing faulty or defective hardware. For example, if water doesn't drain out of your unit properly, you may need to repair or patch the drain hose. Other components that impact a washer's performance and operations can also be replaced or repaired, such as:

  • Fill hoses
  • Outlet valves
  • Tub hardware

Dryers are designed differently since they use heat instead of water — obviously! As a result, the main hardware is more advanced, so you'll need to pursue professional maintenance services whenever a dryer malfunctions. You'll need a professional when a dryer has a damaged or defective:

  • Fuse
  • Thermostat
  • Heating coil
  • Timer
  • Roller
  • Belt
  • Temperature switch

Energy Savings Strategies

Typically, washers and dryers that don't have energy-saving features will waste energy throughout various cycles. In the past, energy-efficient technology wasn't available, which is why appliances consume high volumes of electricity.

Upgrade Benefits

Although you can save energy by using less water in the washer and by reducing overall drying times, you'll save more money down the road by upgrading. After you upgrade, you'll have opportunities to wash and dry clothes efficiently according to your schedule and habits as the latest appliances have top-of-the-line hardware and highly advanced energy-efficient features. If your current washer and dryer are nearing the decade mark, you may want to consider upgrading yours to ones that are more energy efficient.

If you need appliance repair or options for energy savings, Tricity Appliance can help.

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