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Where Does My Sewer Line Go?

plumber inspecting underground sewer lines

Going about our day to day lives, we rarely consider the complex and intricate systems at work within (and below) our homes.

One of the most essential, yet non-investigated, systems is the plumbing system.

And within the plumbing system lies the most important piece — the sewer line!

plumbing inspecting home sewer line

The Home Sewer System

Technically, the house sewer is comprised of pipes and equipment located a certain distance outside of the home. The house drain is the section of pipes within the home that allows waste to move outwards. The majority of pipe and drain systems use gravity to move waste.

Once the waste has left your home it connects to a sewer main —think ninja-like turtles fighting for justice — usually under the main roadway. All of these finally end up at a waste treatment center.

The House Trap

There are several key elements to the house drain and external pipes that allow and keep things functioning smoothly. One of these is a house trap. A house trap uses a literal water barrier to keep noxious gases from the main sewage system from entering our homes.

One type of house trap, called a double vent house trap, can actually catch trash or loose ends before they clog and harm pipes. If a blockage does occur however a professional can reach and fix a trap that has been clogged much easier than one of the main lines.

Your Plumbing Problems

While most home systems can go years without incident, it can be hard to diagnose a problem on your own. Is a pipe merely clogged from improper disposal of items, or has a tree or large root system disrupted the system? Is a pipe not properly fitted, or has it eroded from age?

A professional will know where problems occur and how best to treat each incident. Luckily, we offer our local CT community top-of-the-line plumbing services that will have your home's plumbing working efficiently in no time at all! All you have to do is dial the phone!